5 reasons you should not give yourself a haircut during COVID-19

Apr 15, 2020

OK, I see you. You are in your pajamas, three glasses of wine in and watching season whatever of The Office. You’re bored and you’re tired of looking at the same people and doing the same things every day. You feel like you could use a change, so you look into your kitchen and spot the scissors. You think to yourself “this is it, this is the change I need.” Stop, put down the scissors and read this.

Your kitchen scissors just won’t cut it…and here’s why…

First, stylists use very sharp professional grade shears designed to cut through hair effortlessly and with precision. Office scissors or kitchen scissors are too dull for cutting hair and can lead uneven lines, choppy layers and split ends. Professional shears are sharp enough to cut through hair and leave a blunt end. Office scissors or kitchen scissors with a dull blade crush the hair leaving split ends which negates the purpose of getting a haircut in the first place. If you are still thinking about giving yourself a trim then consider ordering a pair of hair cutting shears.

Second, you may think you know what you’re doing having watched your stylist at work or the thousand You Tube videos out there.  You don’t.  Stylists have practice, experience and a trained eye. They know how to work around cowlicks and create effortless layers using skills like different angles, elevation and finger positions to give you the perfect haircut. Things like knowing how to over direct the hair and where to hold your scissors could really have a good or bad effect on how your haircut turns out. If you have shorter hair or thick hair there’s also a lot of texturizing and blending that goes into your haircut to make it look good. so leave it to the professionals. If you are still feeling like a change try wearing your hair in different ways like changing up where you part your hair or even ordering some clip in bangs.

Third, cutting short hair is complicated. You may think that because you have short hair that giving yourself a haircut could be easy since there’s less hair to work with. But this is not the case.  Short hair is more complicated to cut because factors like gravity, hair texture and growth patterns become a lot more noticeable the shorter your hair is. Another thing to consider is that when you have short hair you can’t really just put it in a bun or a ponytail for a month while it grows out, so you would really have to like hats. Grown out short cuts are frustrating but you can try things like curling your hair and pinning it up or even carefully trimming the hair around your ears and nape. Feeling bold? Pull out some clippers and try a buzzed look, your hair will grow back faster than you think.

Fourth, a grown out haircut may look messy and unkempt but it won’t look horrible.I get it your hair has grown out it’s shaggy, if you have a pixie cut there’s a little bit of mullet action going in the back and maybe your layers are looking a little lifeless. But there are many ways to style your hair to hide a grown out haircut.  Curls, for instance, hide everything.  Try putting your hair up or just half up. Just get creative with styling.  There are so many videos on YouTube that could show you how to style your hair any way you want. If you’re feeling stuck try reaching out to a trusted stylist and ask for some styling advice.

And lastly, If you cut your own hair and it goes horribly wrong we cannot help you.  We are all self isolating and salons are closed. You will have to wait and let the cut grow out until your stylist is back behind the chair to fix it.

So remember, we’re all in this together, all of our hair is going to grow out, we will all look shaggy, have little mullets, lifeless layers or showing roots. When this is all over your stylist will welcome you back with open arms, a fresh cut and and a well needed root touch up.

If you feel like you still need to give yourself a haircut please at least order yourself some hair cutting shears and please use a tutorial from a professional.

-Josie Bima

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